About us

Karma East has evolved over the years from a popular stall trading at markets and festivals into a growing Adelaide boutique and a web store. Here you will find an amazing array of ethically sourced threads, vintage tribal bits and self-designed clothing amongst a huge selection of accessories, home wares and general loveliness.

Embracing traditional handicrafts, natural and sustainable fibers, our clothing has a heavy emphasis on hand-dyed cottons, hand printed fabrics, and hand embroidery. Whilst this makes for beautiful and unique garments it also enables village people and ethnic minorities in India and Thailand to continue their traditional arts and crafts whilst earning a living. This provides a better life for the maker and their family and a beautiful garment for us. It is important to us that garments produced by workers are all consenting adults in a safe working environment. Karma East abhors child and slave labor. We have longstanding relationships with our manufactures who are all small family run businesses and we always pay the asked price for product to ensure maximum profitability for them.

We invite you to step inside for a taste of the world and hope that you enjoy our range of super comfortable, very affordable gypsy inspired products.